Ultima Collect

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We have started our tracing services!

Tracing of Individuals and Businesses:

  • We specialise in the tracing of debtors, defendants, third parties and businesses.
  • We obtain the residential and employment addresses of the debtors/defendants, businesses’ trading addresses and contact numbers.
  • This is done on a “No Trace, No Fee” basis.

Vehicle Tracing can also be done, however, this fee is payable, whether successful or not.
Our personnel are highly experienced and dedicated and we service mainly attorneys and debt collection agencies.

Information Traced:
1) Individuals: 

  • We can supply a traced person’s residential and/or employment address and contact number(s).

2) Businesses:

  • We provide a trading address and contact details, as well as addresses and contact numbers of the owner(s).
  • We can also obtain the registration number of a business if not originally supplied.

General Reporting information:

  • Each Trace is reported on a trace report, set in a specific format, being easily readable and understandable, with all pertinent information at a glance.
  • We work on a “No Trace, No Fee” basis.
  • We cannot refund an expired address, whether acted upon or not.
  • We trace on a nationwide basis.
  • Our tracing is done “in-house” via the internet and the telephone, unless a specific request for a detective is made.
  • If a detective agency is required, we have reputable agencies we can refer you to.
  • Our reporting time is 30 days from date of receipt of mandate, but you will receive feedback as soon as we have traced. An urgent request for a 7 working day trace can be requested, however, this will attract an additional fee and MUST be stipulated on the mandate. Please refer to our pricing structure regarding our fees.
  • As we work on a “No Trace, No Fee” policy, fees for our general tracing are expected to be paid within 30 days of expiry. Failing this, we cannot accept continued tracing.
  • A fee levy of R18 on any cheque deposits to our account will be charged back to you, in accordance with bank fees charged us. This fee is subject to change in line with fee changes made by the bank.
  • All information/requests remain strictly private and confidential and no information is shared with outside parties, unless they are one of our agencies, acting on our behalf. Our agencies also keep all information private and confidential.