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Our Fees

Debt Collection

The principle is easy.  If we cannot collect your debt, you don't owe us anything (no collection, no pay).

When we do collect your debt the following applies:

What are you as the client liable for?

Only the agreed commission on the value of the capital debt collected

  • Debt younger than 9 months - 20% commission
  • Debt older than 9 months - 25% commission


  • You hand over an account to the value of R 1000 and the account is only 6 months old.
  • Should we collect the full amount (either as a lump sum, or in installments) :
  • You will get R 1000-(20%+VAT) = R 772.00 

What other costs are involved?

For you our client?  Nothing. Just that.

For the Debtor that you hand over to us?

  • Fees as prescribed by the Debt Collectors Act (114 of 1998) (http://cfdc.org.za/expenses-and-fees/)
  • Interest raised on the account (@ 9% pa).


Individual tracing:

  • R280 – 1 address
  • R310 – 2 addresses

Telephone number trace:

  • R300 – contact details
  • R300 – ID number (per trace)

Urgent cases:
This falls under a 7 working days mandate as must be specifies as “urgent” please.  A standard R100.00 for any urgent cases will be added to the standard price.

Bulk traces:
Fees can be negotiated on bulk batches of 50 and more